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Could go your way, could go mine

The first Accidental Partridge hot sauce, based on the iconic scene in I'm Alan Partridge. An apple and jalapeño, apple pie flavoured hot sauce. It's not really hotter than the sun, it has a nice kick to it though. It's really tasty and amazing with pork, BBQ'd meat, salads, nachos, and a lot more.

Suitable for veggies and vegans.


Apple, Sugar, Jalapeño chilli, apple juice (not from concentrate), cayenne pepper, lemon juice, cider vinegar, salt, ascorbic acid, cinnamon flavour drops (ethanol, natural flavouring preperations)


Don't buy this if you're allergic to anything. Purchasing this hot sauce must not, I repeat not, turn into a medical emergency (the factory producing the sauce handles many allergen containing ingredients)

Use by: 07/24, once opened refrigerate and use within 4 weeks

Size: 150ml (please note, front of bottle says 250ml - this is a typo. We were made promises about printing that weren't kept)

Made in the UK.

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